The Majestic Theatre of Eastland could not operate without the support of our many volunteers. These volunteers help with concessions, ticketing and cleaning. Thank you all for your time and love of the theatre.


Shirley Ables Roberta Broussard Hazel Collins Iris Harris Debbie Cox
Carol Davis Beth Glidewell Jerry Glidewell Kathy Glidewell Elaine Hale
Linda Harbin Glenda Harrisson Jo Ellen Hooks John Howard Joyce Howard
Laverne Key Glenna Kuzwarza Alton Lassiter Maggie Mulholland Devony Norris
David Norris Sonya Pittman Pam Thomas Pat Redman April Rice
Brett Rice Nathan Rice Ron Vaughn Mary Walley  Ann Zoellick
 Mike zoellick

Mike Jeter

 Bryce May

Debbi Jeter

Troy Jones

Bobby Williamson

Amanda Sanders

Eileen Cummings

Diana Broussard

Jenny Franklin